Editor’s Note; July 20, 2018

Has Africa learned its lesson on national airlines?

Nigeria has said it plans to relaunch its national carrier at the end of the year. The freshly branded Nigeria Air will need initial capital of up to $300m.

It’s Nigeria’s latest attempt to revive Nigerian Airways, which went bust in 2003. It joins a growing number of countries hoping to resurrect their defunct sovereign carriers, including Zambia, Ghana and Uganda.

It’s an endeavour that could end in tears, and heavy losses.

Commercial aviation is a notoriously difficult business, and sovereign carriers have the worst track record of all. 

The world is replete with defunct or cash-strapped national airlines, which often turn into unsustainable vanity projects that soak public funds. In struggling South African Airways the continent has a good and current example.

There are signs that lessons have been learned. 

Nigeria is planning a public-private sector partnership for Nigeria Air, and the government says it will own no more than 5% of the company.

Ethiopian Airlines, by far Africa’s most successful carrier, is being enlisted as a strategic partner. Ghana and Zambia are said to be in similar talks with the airline.

With any luck some of its managerial prowess, which has helped it become a globally competitive company, will rub off.

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