Nurmara specializes in producing high quality commentary and analysis on African affairs, as well as bespoke, end-to-end content partnerships for high-level Africa-focused events.

Nurmara’s daily e-mail brief is essential reading for anyone interested in Africa-related business, policy and development. It’s no-nonsense, authoritative style is a refreshing and positive addition to the media landscape.

Arnold Ekpe

Non-executive director

Crown Agents Bank

A specialized, Africa-focused digital media and information company.

We provide event organisers with support and guidance to shape, capture and evaluate the content of their live events. Bringing greater value to organisers, delegates and sponsors.

Nurmara’s end-to-end content partnerships include pre-event reports and briefings, live event moderation, digital content capture and post-event wraps ups, summaries and takeaways. Led by an industry-leading journalistic team, Nurmara are the natural content partner for any Africa related event wanting to engage their audience and make greater impact.

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The media has a vital role to play in changing misconceptions about Africa among international business, but this requires more credible, reliable and high quality sources of information. Nurmara represents exactly that, and I would gladly recommend them for those seeking a strong content partner.

Rt Hon Lord Boateng

The Nurmara Team

Lanre Akinola

Nurmara’s Editor, Lanre has worked at leading news and information companies including the Financial Times and Bloomberg. A respected commentator and writer, he has also edited African Business Magazine, and is a Desmond Tutu Leadership fellow.

Christopher Thompson

Chris is the banking columnist for Reuters (Breaking Views). He has previously worked as a Lex columnist at the Financial Times covering EMEA, as well as a correspondent on numerous other desks for publications including the Sunday Times, TIME and the Economist Intelligence Unit.

James Knight

James has worked in strategic communications, government relations and investor relations for over a decade. Starting his career in Westminster in London, James worked with Governments and businesses to effectively run communications programmes and campaigns around the world. Recently, James became the Director of Communications for an international NGO and an African focused investment group in Mauritius, before starting Swift Communications in 2018.


Nurmara has been a trusted content partner for years. The daily e-mail brief is a favourite among our members and wider network, and we're proud to have Nurmara as a strategic partner for the 2019 Nordic-African Business Summit.

Eivind Fjeldstad


Norwegian-African Business Association

Nurmara is a trusted content partner of Invest Africa. The daily e-mail brief is a great way to engage with our members and wider network!

Karen Taylor


Invest Africa

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