Editor’s Note: November 14, 2018

Nigeria: Just too big to ignore?

South African mobile operator MTN, Africa’s biggest, has announced plans to apply for a mobile banking licence in Nigeria – hoping to deploy the service by Q2 2019.

The news is both exciting – Nigeria is Africa’s biggest untapped mobile money opportunity – and a bit confusing.

MTN is in a high profile dispute with the Nigerian government over $10.1bn of allegedly unpaid taxes and repatriated funds. It’s the latest in a series of standoffs, and has been identified as a risk to financial stability in South Africa.

Against this backdrop further entrenchment feels counter-intuitive, if not ill-advised.

But there is good reason for MTN’s persistence – Nigeria is too big to ignore. It’s the company’s single most important market with around 54m subscribers, and Africa’s biggest mobile market.

It’s a familiar dynamic. While Nigeria’s unpredictable policy and business environment is the source of much frustration, the country’s status as Africa’s biggest economy and most populous nation makes it an essential market.

The result is an unusually high tolerance level for dysfunction among business. Lucky for Nigeria, which often seems to go out of its way to frustrate the private sector.

But everything has limits. HSBC and UBS recently exited Nigeria amid falling investment and concerns about economic stagnation.

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