Editor’s Note: April 11, 2019

Transsion – the Apple of Africa?

Boomplay, an Africa focused music streaming startup, has just raised $20 million to expand its services across the continent.

Largely unknown outside of Africa, Boomplay has become its leading music streaming service since launching in 2015, boasting 42 million monthly active users. In November the company signed a major licensing agreement with music giant Universal Music Group.

The platform is part of Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Transsion’s burgeoning tech empire on the continent. The company has risen from relative obscurity in recent years to dominate Africa’s handset market.

As of November 2018 its brands commanded a 51% and 34.9% market share in the feature phone and smartphone space respectively.  

This could be just the beginning of its ambition. 

The move into content services like music streaming is reminiscent of Apple. While hardware accounts for most of the company’s revenue and profits, a surprising second is its ecosystem of services like iTunes and the App Store.

Transsion may seek to emulate this model, using dominance in the hardware space to lock customers into its software ‘ecosystem’ – a sort of low cost Apple.

The company has not explicitly stated such ambition, but it would make a lot of strategic sense. Given its rapid growth and apparent thirst for diversification, don’t rule it out.

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