Editor’s Note: August 31, 2018

Africa needs a new growth narrative

When commodity prices collapsed in 2014/15 one of the casualties was Africa’s growth narrative. Focused on high GDP growth rates since the turn of the century“Africa Rising” had become the favoured term for perceived economic progress on the continent.

This went out the window as growth in sub-Saharan Africa slumped to 1.4% in 2016, the lowest in two decades.

The experience has exposed weaknesses in policymaking and underlined the structural challenges Africa faces, but this doesn’t spell the end of its growth story.

What’s needed is a new narrative, and the ingredients are there.

Five of the world’s ten fastest growing economies are in Africa, down from seven during the Africa Rising days.

Africa is demonstrating its capacity for radical, progressive change. Countries like Ethiopia and Angola are overseeing reforms that would stand out in any corner of the globe.

Global interest remains strong. The leaders of Britain and Germany are in Africa this week, part of a steady stream of global leaders promoting commercial ties with the continent.

Africa Rising’s biggest deficit was its blinkered nature, assuming that economic development was an inevitability.

Africa is changing – not rising or falling. Its growth story needs to reflect the nuance and difficulty of transforming a continent of 54 countries.

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