Editor’s Note: February 01, 2019

Is African tech booming?

Paris-based venture capital firm Partech ventures has closed its inaugural Africa fund at $143m, beating an original target of $115m. This comes on the back of new data showing that African tech startups raised $334.5m of funding in 2018, a new record.

The numbers are part of a narrative that positions Africa as the next big thing in tech. On the back of the mobile revolution, the story goes, the startup scene is set to boom, with the continent ready to leapfrog to the cutting edge of technology.

Yet it’s not clear what the figures tell us.

For one, $334m is just 0.11% of $293bn in global VC funding for 2018. Indian tech startups raised $10.5bn last year, or 31 times as much as all of Africa.

This money is also concentrated in a few markets – South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria dominate – and sectors like fintech and e-commerce. Few startups have achieved meaningful scale.

In context the picture looks more like a fragmented ecosystem trying to find its feet, rather than a force to be reckoned with globally. 

This doesn’t mean Africa’s tech space should be dismissed – not least because of how fundamental technology is to the 21st century economy – but the narrative around it feels blinkered.

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