Editor’s Note: February 22, 2019

Don’t forget about West Africa’s other election

Nigerians will be hoping it’s second time lucky this Saturday, when last week’s postponed presidential election is supposed to take place. With Africa’s biggest economy grabbing the headlines it’s easy to forget that another West African country, Senegal, is also going to the polls.

President Macky Sall, 57, is hoping to secure a second term in elections on February 24th.

The run-up to the vote has been noticeably quiet.

Senegal finds itself in the unusual position of having a relatively popular incumbent. Under Sall growth has averaged 6%. Big infrastructure projects including a new airport and a regional express train have  gained him the reputation of a modernizer, and earned his government a degree of good will. 

If there is controversy it’s that two potential rivals – the former mayor of the capital Dakar and Karim Wade, the son of a former president – have been barred from the race. Critics say this is part of a crackdown on opposition, but sympathy should be limited.

The reason for their exclusion is that both have been convicted of and jailed for corruption.

Sall is the favorite to win, and instability or disruption look unlikely. It’s a nice change from the chaos that accompanies many elections on the continent.

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