Editor’s Note: February 26, 2019

Reality is catching up with Britain’s post-Brexit Africa fantasy

South Africa has said it is close to signing an interim trade agreement with the UK, replicating arrangements with the EU, just over four weeks ahead Britain’s date with destiny on March 29th.

The announcement is part of Downing Street’s plan to roll over existing EU trade agreements with African countries.

It’s a far cry from talk about a new Africa-wide trade deal that has been part of Britain’s post-Brexit narrative. Once liberated from the shackles of EU membership, the story goes, the UK will be free to strike nimble and innovative deals with the continent.

This sounds like a distant memory, and in light of the chaos surrounding its EU exit, now resembles fantasy. Even the limited ambition of a wholesale rolling over existing trade treatieslooks doubtful.

A more realistic scenario is that Britain will eventually strike deals with a few countries on the continent, led by South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria. It’s anyone’s guess how long this will take, and the UK is already playing catch up.

Saudi Arabia, Spain, and Belgium are among the countries that export more to Africa – nevermind the likes of China. The irony of Germany and France being the second and third biggest exporters to the continent in 2017 is also hard to ignore.

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