Editor’s Note: January 16, 2019

Who cares about what Africa wants?

“We were not tricked into this.” These are the words of Lubinda Haabazoka, the president of the Economics Association of Zambia, in a letter published by Bloomberg.

This was in response to an article about China’s Belt and Road Initiative, with Haabazoka criticizing the portrayal of ties between Zambia and Beijing as giving the impression that “we are somehow not in control of our own destiny.”

He raises an important issue – the underestimation of Africa’s agency in dealings with external partners. From development policy to investment and trade, the continent’s economies are often seen as helpless or clueless victims of foreign influence.

This is misleading.

Sierra Leone recently turned down a $400m Chinese-funded infrastructure project following a review, while Côte d’Ivoire has set up a task force to monitor projects backed by Beijing. Meanwhile Congo, Zambia and Tanzania are battling the global mining industry over royalties and taxes.

Africa’s external affairs have also never been more competitive. Big players like the US and China are part of an ever growing list of international partners looking to strengthen economic ties with the continent.

Whether this agency is being used effectively is debatable, but it’s a mistake to assume Africa has no say in shaping its economic fortunes.

From The Continent

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The Global Perspective

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