Editor’s Note: May 01, 2019

Britain: Africa’s ‘partner of choice’?

The UK’s Foreign Office has announced $110m worth of investmentby British companies into Nigeria and Ghana.

The announcement was made in Ghana, part of a five-country tour by foreign ministerJeremy Hunt this week, who is also visiting Senegal, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Kenya.

The trip is part of plans to boost trade and investment with the continent after the UK leaves the EU. According to Hunt the ambition is to make Britain Africa’s ‘new partner of choice’.

Easier said than done.

Driven by China international competition for influence on the continent is at an all-time high. Standing out is hard, and Britain is late to the party. 

While in Ghana Hunt remarked that it’s “time for the world to look at African nations as partners” for trade and investment, not just aid. True, but the rest of the world made that realization years ago.

There is also a lack of high level engagement. Theresa May’s Africa trip last August was the first by a British prime minister since 2013. She is the first to visit Kenya in 30 years. 

In contrast French president Emmanuel Macron has notched up almost a dozen visits since taking office in 2017.

This doesn’t mean the UK’s efforts should be dismissed, but becoming Africa’s ‘partner of choice’ will take a lot more.

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